National Chef of Wales 2020

The National Chef of Wales is the pinnacle for all chefs working or studying in Wales.

The annual competition provide a wonderful platform for chefs to demonstrate their culinary skills at an event designed to showcase the very best that Wales has to offer.

Organised by the Welsh Culinary Association (WCA), the competition is sponsored by the Welsh Government.

Apart from the cudos of being named best in Wales, the winners of the nation’s premier culinary contest for senior chefs receives a bespoke Dragon Trophy and ???????????

The road to glory begins in regional qualifying heats. From the heats, a panel of judges select the best four chefs to compete in the final.

The finalists face the ultimate challenge of devising and cooking a menu for a four-course dinner for four in three hours from a mystery box of ingredients, which they will see only the night before the contest.

Entry is open to chefs working or studying in Wales. They are challenged to devise their own creative menu for a three-course dinner for four, including some Wales the True Taste winning products, which they must prepare and cook within three hours.